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Tordenskjold is Denmark’s leading brand for matches, 
dating back to 1865.


For over a century Tordenskjold matches were produced in Denmark. But with inventions like the electric stove and the lighter, the brand struggled to maintain business. Swedish Match Industries bought Tordenskjold in 1972, and today all matches are manufactured in Sweden.


Gosch & Co was approved as the owner of the trademark "Tordenskjold in an upright oval frame". The approval is registered as number 9 with the Danish Trademark Agency and is thus one of the oldest trademarks in Denmark.


Gosch took over the factory together with the exclusive right to use Tordenskjold as a trademark for time and eternity.


The Swedes were leaders on the world market and were just as strong on the home front. Anders Sørensen's wife, Ane Margrethe, had the brilliant idea to put a portrait of Tordenskjold on the matchboxes, with the motto that if he had beaten the Swedes before, he could do it again.


An enterprising man named Heinrich Eduard Gosch came to Copenhagen, sent there by his boss, matchmaker Ludvig Hintze, to investigate the possibilities of starting a manufacture of sulphur matches in the Danish capital. Gosch rented suitable premises and was put in contact with an enterprising man named Anders Sørensen. Sørensen took over the tenancy at Bådsmandsstræde 79, and formed the company Ludvig Hintze's Eftelfølger.

Once the formalities were in order, the factory was put into operation immediately. Sørensen and his wife were in charge of the operation, and Gosch travelled around to sell the products.


Swedish professor Gustav Eric Pasch invented a striking surface on the outside of the matchbox.


The first Swedish Match factory opened in Stockholm.


The first matches were invented, lit by striking the match head against any surface. The danger of spontaneous ignition was high and the match head contained highly toxic components.

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