5 sure-fire ways 
to brighten your mood

Whether the cold gets under your skin, you are too tired to “do” anything, or you want to gather loved ones in an inspiring and uplifting way, fire is a great ally.


The practice of using different scents and essential oils for therapeutic benefit has been used worldwide for thousands of years. When inhaled, the scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the emotional centre of our brains, which can impact our mood. You can use scented candles, sticks, incense, or an oil burner or diffuser with a few drops of essential oils.

Try apple, which is great for calming general anxiety and stress, and can even soothe migraines; citrus scents (yuzu in particular), which have the power to decrease mood disturbances and alleviate the symptoms associated with tension and depression; mint, which has the power to both enhance your memory and calm your nerves; or whatever scent you enjoy.

Home Spa

Warm your cold, stiff limbs, soothe your sore muscles, and calm your nerves with a home spa remedy. Fill up a bath with very warm (but not hot) water and add epsom salts while the tap is running. Epsom salts come from natural springs in England and dissolve into magnesium and sulphate in water, which has been used as a home remedy for a great number of ailments for many generations. They can be bought in most drugstores, and many grocery and natural food stores also carry them. Light candles and place them all around your bathroom, put on your favourite calming music, and just soak.

Candlelit dinner

The magic of candlelight is unmatched. And whenever you make the mindful decision to be fully present, even a simple thing like cooking and eating a meal can become a ritual of love. Choose and prepare your ingredients with care. Plate them as beautifully as you can, light some candles, and eat slowly with purpose.

Build a bonfire

Whether in our own backyard or out in the wilderness, gathering around a bonfire awakens something rooted deep within us. Hotdogs or marshmallows on a stick, instruments, and good stories. There’s really nothing more you need to create long lasting memories.

Story night

Do you have memories of a parent or other adult reading to you before bed when you were a child? If you do, it’s likely to be a fond memory, and if you don’t, it’s never too late to create new memories. Before Netflix & Chill, there was a time when people would gather and read to each other as a pastime. There are plenty of good reasons to bring this way of socialising back!

If you’re one of the lucky few to have access to a wood stove or fireplace, go ahead and light it. If not, candles, and why not incense, will do the job of creating a cosy reading atmosphere. (Also make sure you have a good reading light so as not to strain your eyes.) Gather family or friends, pick a really good book, full of adventure, and get reading!