Candle Matches

Average Content: 45 pcs/box 
Splint Length: 94 mm 

Our classic Tordenskjold matches are subject to higher requirements than the European standard, and our testing and analysis methods are more complex. The MATCHTEK® standard guarantees you safe and reliable matches that are also environmentally friendly. These high-quality matches do not crackle when ignited or break in the hand of the igniter, which makes it safer and easier to light a candle or firebox. 

When it comes to slightly more advanced ignition needs, it's best to use matches that are longer and sturdier than usual. For instance, Tordenskjold Candle Matches, measuring nearly 10 cm, are excellent for lighting bark, paper, candles, and other outdoor lanterns without the risk of burning fingers. With an extra long match, the flame is larger and the burn time is extended. This type of match stick is designed to simplify your daily life, making it easier to light outdoor fires safely and reach between the trees in a firebox.

90% renewable substances
0% heavy metals
FSC® certified
Safety Matches