Pocket Matches

Average Content: 45 pcs/box 
Splint Length: 47 mm 

Our classic Tordenskjold Pocket Matches are subject to higher requirements than the European standard, and our testing and analysis methods are more complex. The MATCHTEK® standard guarantees you safe and reliable matches that are also environmentally friendly. 

Designed for compactness and portability, these matches are encased in a small box, ideal for personal or professional use. Whether it’s for lighting candles, stoves, or campfires, Pocket Matches provide a reliable source of fire, effortlessly fitting into pockets or bags for immediate access anytime, anywhere. These high-quality matches do not crackle when ignited or break in the hand of the igniter, which makes it safer and easier to light a candle or firebox.

90% renewable substances
0% heavy metals
FSC® certified
Safety Matches